Kellar family scrapbook

  The Kellar family goes back to Michael Kellar and Catherine Monroe of Colonial Fairfax Co., Virginia. They later settled with their family in Noble Co. Ohio. After two generations they grew restless and once again packed up and this time they settled in the wilderness of Vernon Co., Wisconsin, near the Mississippi River. Most of the children of Lloyd Kellar and Leanna Florida Tilton moved out west between Multnomah and Columbia County, Oregon around 1912 and that’s where most of our branch is today.

Rea family scrapbook  

  The Rea family can be traced back to early Virginia in the late 1700’s to Starling Rea and Martha Sisk. Our line settled in the Ozark Mountains of Arkansas in an area called Crooked Creek. They traveled during the early 1900’s with their family to Boise, Idaho and Rainier, Oregon. They worked between the two areas for many years.

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Jackson family scrapbook

   The Jackson clan emigrated from Middlesex England in the 1880’s to Erie, Colorado, a small mining community. They connected with the Lee family prior to 1883. The Lee’s were known as healers that originated from Southern Ireland. RJB Jackson moved his large family to the Pacific Northwest and tried homesteading in several small communities, finally settling in Cowlitz Co., Washington in the Kelso area.

Koskela family scrapbook

  The Koskela and the Krapu families both came from Oulu, Finland. Wm. Thompson Koskela emigrated through Ellis Island to live with his brother, Victor, in San Francisco, California in 1901. Amanda Salome’ Krapu came to the states from Kalajoki, Finland in 1912. After having married somewhere near Eureka, California they sailed up the Pacific Ocean and settled off the Cowlitz River in the Ostrander area of Kelso, Washington sometime after 1918. Carl Koskela and family purchased a farm in the Apiary area of Columbia Co., Oregon during the middle 1940’s.